Welcome to “Ask D’Marie @ Eureka Moments!” We want to assure you that searching for a consultant to work with you on finding clarity in your personal or business life is one of the best things you can do for yourself and those who may depend on you.

Find Your Direction With Guided Mentoring

Find Your Direction With Guided Mentoring

Assistance in choosing the best path saves time, money and energy and enables one to enjoy success without pain or agony.

“I have worked with D’Marie within her Creators Circle and Words of Wisdom Public Speaking classes. She has a fantastic way of making people feel comfortable with themselves and create an environment of¬†positive support. Her work with me in the Creators Circle helped me to get out of my career rut and opened me to blossom within my nutrition consulting work. The Words of Wisdom classes have helped me become more comfortable in speaking in public and is making my idea of speaking to parents a reality. I am very grateful to her services and presence.” – Erika Stelcik, MS

Life can be a complex juggling act with¬†endless activity to juggle all aspects of responsibilities as well as enjoyable personal endeavors. It doesn’t take very long before we are faced with multiple paths or choices and yet we must choose one to give our attention. How do we know which is the better of the choices? Which path will truly yield the desired outcome?

Without clarity we become frozen. We may fall into “paralysis through analysis.” Failing to move forward in any area of our life will result in loss of balance, lack of vision, and falling behind in achieving our dreams.

Choosing to work with an intuitive life mentor will enable you to find clarity. No, you will not be told what to do; you will be assisted in accessing your inner guidance so that the final choice is the best choice for you.

There are many tools, both mainstream and esoteric that can be applied to help each person develop their lives and businesses in a way that is most congruent with their personality and vision.

How is mentoring different from coaching? A coach will set up directives or strategies to help a person achieve a desired goal. They are hired to ensure that a person implements the plan by a feedback system. A mentor on the other hand can and will do the same thing as a coach, however, will also share life experience and acquired wisdom with the client. Having walked in many of the same steps that are prescribed the first hand knowledge can enable faster and more positive results and hopefully avert any processes that may cause a setback.

We welcome you to read the ABOUT page where you will learn more about D’Marie Mulattieri. Her vast background and successes will instill confidence in D’Marie as your choice for mentoring you in your personal and business relationships.

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