About D’Marie

A prolific entrepreneur, 23 years ago D’Marie strategized to help her husband, start a plastic thermoforming company that has since been sold and has revenues of between 10 to 20 million annually. Her creative side was exemplified when she managed a Decorating Den franchise and was recognized for top sales each year that she had control of the business. D’Marie’s interior decorating skills received Parade of Homes’ Silver and Gold awards. The past 25 years has allowed D’Marie to develop superior sales and marketing as well as administrative and organizational  skills that  she shares with her business clients. 

The mother of two grown sons, D’Marie is happy to work with parents in developing conscious relationships with their children. Raising children to be independent with good work ethics requires dedication and determination on the part of parents. Having participated in a  successful 20 year marriage, she is also available to work with couples who want to overcome possible stumbling blocks and achieve intimacy and long-term partnership. The founder Enlightened Singles & Partners Network, D’Marie facilitates group mentoring on conscious relationships. 

As we mature we begin to question our belief systems and long-held convictions. Having been raised in a strict fundamental religion, fifteen years ago D’Marie had an awakening that caused her to question long-held traditions. Navigating the road to complete personal transformation, she is available to help those who may be faced with the same mid-life transitions. She is exceptionally qualified to help those in transition to find their authentic self. Using esoteric sciences as well as mainstream psychology tools, D’Marie created a system that she later developed into group mentoring called the CREATORs CIRCLES. Working with six people at a time, D’Marie helps each person to bring their lives into harmony with their life purpose and have clarity of vision. Private mentoring is available and suggested for those going through major transitions. 

Six years ago, D’Marie founded and continues in the role of Executive Director a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, LIGHT Bearers of the World. The corporation is dedicated to raising the consciousness of the planet via education and charitable outreach. The educational affiliate is known as P.O.E.T.s – People of Enlightened Thoughts and the charitable outreach is One LIGHT, One LOVE, One WORLD Benefits

An engaging speaker, D’Marie is sought after for instructional as well as inspirational speaking. She has shared the stage with celebrities as notable as Dr. Marasu Emoto and Dr. Leonard Horowitz. With over twenty years of public speaking behind her, D’Marie has developed a three level professional speakers training and certification program known as WORDS OF WISDOM. Each class is limited to ten participants to ensure rapid improvement. WOW participants learn how to speak extemporaneously as well as prepare longer information laden speeches. If you are interested in personal instruction on professional speaking or stage presentation please contact D’Marie.   

D’Marie has worked with the following organizations:

  • Cooke, Douglass, Farr, Ltd. – Architects & Engineers
  • Environmental Protection Systems
  • PMW Products
  • Advanced PlastiForm
  • American Airlines
  • Decorating Den
  • Eagle Moon Consulting & Design
  • Peak Performance Group
  • Capital City Builders
  • Verizon Wireless
  • ArchiTechnology
  • HealthWalk
  • Open Heart Journeys
  • CapriFlavors
  • and many more individual clients

 D’Marie is available for private singles and couples mentoring; group facilitation; and professional speaking.