Consulting Services – Personal

The difference between high achievers and marginal performers is having someone in your court that can identify areas for personal growth and provide guidance to get your there. D’Marie prefers to identify herself as a life mentor versus a life coach as her guidance is time-tested via her own experience in life and not just a suggestion provided by the latest human potential guru. Her clients often remark that they felt “heard” by D’Marie as she possess intensive listening skills they have not experienced with other coaches.

“D’Marie offers well designed programs to guide students through the learning process, from information to action. She is a wealth of knowledge and can deliver results in effective creative ways. I find her classy, fun and warm. I highly recommend her.” – Craig Preston, MBA

  • Career Transitions – Reinventing oneself can be either challenging or exciting. Striking out without direction can be costly in terms of money, time and energy. Consulting with D’Marie will enable one to become clear on a new or re-designed path that will create a substantial income stream as well as produce satisfaction, and sense of fulfillment and happiness. D’Marie utilizes several esoteric sciences as well as mainstream tools to help you identify your perfect market niche.
  • Conscious Awakening – For many, there comes a point in one’s life when they realize that their personal philosophies are no longer working for them. This can be a time of much confusion and produce a sense of wandering or a feeling of stagnation. It feels uncomfortable and can be vexing when not identifiable. D’Marie has successfully navigated her own conscious awakening and has helped hundreds to do the same. You will be guided to find and trust your own inner guidance to help formulate a new way of living that adds meaning to your life.
  • Personality and Energy Integration –¬†Awakening to the realization that living out of harmony in the areas of mind, body and spirit can cause depression, loss of vitality as well as compromised immune function, consulting with D’Marie will enable one to turn this situation around and come into a feeling of congruent authenticity. Living in alignment with one’s inner guidance produces happiness, increase in energy and overall wellbeing. D’Marie understands and believes strongly that no two people are the same. We all have different energetic patterns requiring cultivation and honor. Individualized programs of self growth will be recommended based on your own energetic relationships.
  • Conscious Relationships – There is a saying that when one is not able to see the forest when standing in the middle of all the trees, meaning it is difficult to see clearly when we are so close to a situation. Having a mentor, like D’Marie will enable you to become more clear as to why certain relationships have been attracted into your life. You will be able to identify the gifts and lessons and be able to be conscious in making decisions that will result in the highest good for all concerned. Consult with D’Marie for romantic, family, business or peer relationships. Live life in harmony and enjoy the people in your life.
  • Officiant/Life Celebrant – Milestones are important markers in the journey of our lives. Certain events are held sacred and deserve special recognition. For individuals that live a “spiritual” life versus a “religious” life, D’Marie is available to officiate these special occasions. Consult with D’Marie when celebrating the birth of a newborn; passage into puberty; exchanging vows in marriage or celebrating the life of a dear one that has transitioned from the planet.
  • Event Planner – Celebrating special occasions with friends and family is a social hallmark that we want to ensure takes place in a manner that is enjoyable, memorable, and truly honors the personality of the people involved. We welcome the opportunity to help you plan, organize and execute your upcoming event that will reflect your personality and be within your spending requirements. D’Marie has executed over 500 memorable events and is available to assist you at any level of involvement that works within your budget.