Consulting Services – Business

With more than 25 years of actual hands on experience working with corporations and small businesses, D’Marie is exceptionally qualified to coach business executives and entrepreneurs in the following areas:


  • Creating New Business Concepts – So you want to work for yourself and you are not sure what type of business you are best suited for. D’Marie will assist you in clarifying the best business that is suited for your personality, skills and personal mission. It is very important to create the perfect niche that will leave you as the entrepreneur excited to start each day in your new business venture, otherwise without proper mentoring it can become an exercise in owning one’s own job.
  • Business Name and Branding – Branding is the prime foundation for marketing your business. Creating the perfect name for your business with allow your enterprise to be found on the Internet as well as the physical location. From name, to mission statement, to company logo your branding will be complete and effective. Company names that have been inspired by D’Marie have withstood the test of time and have created vast incomes for their owners.
    Marketing to Increase Revenue – There is a difference in a marketing strategy when attempting to increase market awareness versus increased revenue. These strategies are often misunderstood and thought to be the same. D’Marie will create action specific marketing plans that are perfect for your industry niche as well as your operating budget.
    Site Location and Interior Design – Locating the perfect spot for your business and then implementing a coordinating design that draws in customers and is at the same time efficient for employees is the hallmark of D’Marie’s site location skills. She has received multiple design awards and carries this experience into your company set up.
    Management Systems – Creating the perfect flow from initial customer interest to the final sale follow-up; D’Marie will help you create management systems that reduce time, effort, allow for optimal performance and increase customer retention. Efficiency in all areas of business operation contributes an increase in net revenue. Do not use trial and error when you can take advantage of D’Marie’s many years of experience in designing your management systems.
    Event Planning – From small meetings to large conferences, D’Marie’s many years of event planning will relieve you of all the details of planning and organizing your next event. Having organized over 500 events, everything from travel arrangements to site location, audio-visual, entertainment, catering and set up will be handled allowing you to arrive refreshed and ready to lead your meeting or conference.
    Speaker Training and Sourcing – Looking for a stirring speaker for your next event? D’Marie is able to source the exact fit, whether instructional or motivational for your organization. She is also available as an Inspirational or Instructional Speaker and Seminar Facilitator or Speaker Trainer. Words of Wisdom Professional Speakers Training provides training in 18 modules covering 41 speech qualities. All graduates have passed multiple assessment speeches and actively delivered speeches to live audiences.
    Publicist – If you are a creative talent and wish to contract out your public relations, promotions or other behind the scenes administration contact D’Marie. Her company Zoom2Bloom represents creative talent of the highest caliber.