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“Most speakers training simply give you practice time, Words of Wisdom speakers training gives you real time hands on coaching.” ~ D’Marie

The objective of Words of Wisdom Professional Speakers Training & Certification is to empower individuals to improve the quality of their public presentations with the application of proven public speaking techniques.

As visionaries and empowered individuals we are often called upon to give presentations with information being presented in lecture format, however, in today’s world of fast-paced entertainment and commercial messages, we find that people are no longer accustomed to sitting and listening to someone talk for an extended period of time. Speeches delivered in a dry, lifeless manner cause audiences to become bored and their thoughts to wander to other concerns. In contrast, when communicators employ effective speaking techniques in their speeches, seminars or workshops, they can capture the minds and even the hearts of their audiences with presentations not soon forgotten.


Words of Wisdom (WOW) examines the most effective communication techniques used by public speaking experts and demonstrate how to apply them in various settings. Each method is described and its application demonstrated with specific examples.


Our goal for this program is to move speakers/facilitators/communicators to improve the quality of their speeches and presentations by applying the art of public speaking to their delivery. It is our hope that this will help all find pleasure in giving dynamic speeches/presentations that touch their listeners.


Words of Wisdom is structured so that the individual will determine their own level of participation as well as when they will accomplish their certification. This class is designed so that each person will receive the most comprehensive training available, however, the ultimate success will be determined by the individual effort.


Each Words of Wisdom class is formatted so that a specific Speaking Module is highlighted. Each class will begin with instruction on the Speaking Module that is being taught.

All in attendance will then have at least one opportunity to give an extemporaneous speech on a topic picked at random from those provided. The length of the speech in Level 1 will be at least three minutes and not more than five minutes. Depending on the number in attendance additional opportunities to speak may be provided.

The goal is to move through 18 modules covering 41 speech qualities. Each module will contain two or more speech qualities. The entire program consists of 3 levels, each level containing 6 modules. At the end of each Level there is an assigned speech known as a Quality Assessment Speech. This speech will have a chosen theme and all speech qualities covered during the past level will be assessed. This speech is given to a live audience.

Each participant must pass the minimum standards for each speech quality within a module as determined by the trainer before moving forward to the next module.


Once all 18 modules have been completed and four Quality Assessment Speeches given and rated as proficient the participant will have completed all three levels and achieved certification as a Words of Wisdom Professional Speaker.

All participants certified by Words of Wisdom Professional Speakers Training and Certification are eligible to apply to be accepted by Words of Wisdom Speakers Bureau. Acceptance to the Speakers Bureau will be by a majority vote of certified trainers.