Will $6,000 Take Your Business To The Next Level?

We are standing in “perplexing” times. We are living in “worst” of times. And we are living in ‘best” of times. Which is it for you? If we put faith in what the media reports, the appearance is that we are in the “worst” of times. Yes, people are loosing their jobs, their homes and many other material possessions. I picked up the latest Irvine World News to see pages of foreclosures listed in the back. Does this mean that there is a lack of abundance? That money is “drying” up? Absolutely NOT!

What is your personal view of the US economy? Do you feel it is a reflection of your personal abundance?

These are indicators that money is being moved into other sectors. Wealth and abundance doesn’t just dry up. Why not? Because money is just a physical representation of energy. Energy does not disappear. It can be transformed, but it does not disappear. This means even if our bank account is looking like it is empty, if we have put out the energy that would have been represented by dollars, the energy is still there. It will just come back to us in another state.

We have become accustomed to believing our security is in our material manifestations. Even the latest frenzy over the Law of Attraction has been reduced from its spiritual principle into a mantra for get rich quick schemes. How is it that a spiritual law is being showcased as the magic panacea for material wealth?

Very simply it is the four letter word – FEAR. We are being manipulated by false expectations appearing real. We are grasping for the financial savior that appears real so as to put to rest our false expectation of not being able to survive without “money in the bank.”

When the economy is appearing to be defunct is when we need to be especially aware of what appears to be real, yet may be a glamorous illusion. I feel compelled to write this as emerging entrepreneurs are prime candidates to be reeled in by people that have absolutely no hesitation to use spirituality as a marketing tool.

After spending a few hours scouring the latest online “networking & educational” offerings for people wanting to grow their business I have to say there are “landmines” on here waiting to explode. Some of what is being offered is like a delicious dessert filled with poison. On the surface it looks very appealing. But once you have taken a bite, it may be more than you can swallow and eventually it will put you in the pangs of financial death.

One of my favorite expressions that you hear me espouse, is to filter everything you see and hear through your heart. Do not listen to the words. Listen to your feelings. If something feels strange, it just doesn’t sit right with you, do not ignore the “red” flags. Just because everyone else is doing it, or saying is the best thing since slice bread…does not mean it is so.

Listen to your internal red flags!

Please investigate. Are you truly getting the best value for your dollar? Do you really need to hand over hundreds and/or thousands of dollars to get the information? Are there other alternatives to you? Will someone else offer you a better value? How do you feel about the person making the offer? Have they proven to have your best interest at heart?

Ask to speak to successful students, graduates or clients. Is the person making the offer a successful reflection of what they are proposing to teach you; or are they hoping to be successful based upon “selling” their course or product to you and others?

Who are the principles? Dig deep. A quick “google” may not reveal anything initially. Keep digging. Recently, I learned that a man that is the CEO of a very large business coaching networking company was actually imprisoned for scamming the public of millions of dollars with inferior diamonds. He has actually been incarcerated twice! Some how he has been able to bury this information and even managed to be endorsed by some reputable icons in the self improvement industry. Why did I keep digging? Because when I viewed his presentation I had a funny feeling in my belly. It just didn’t feel right. On the surface he looked clean and I trusted my internal compass and kept on hunting and then I found the truth.

We have many resources available to us to do our homework. If a person decides to take a bite of what appears to be a delicious dessert only to be stung by the poison, the responsibility rests on their shoulder, not anyone else.

True security results from our inner connectedness with Source, in the full faith that we are provided for always. Can we have the lives we dream of? Yes, we can. Is it going to be handed to us by slick speaking “coaches” that promise if we fork over thousands of dollars we will be driving the luxury car of our choice and have the million dollar home overlooking the ocean? Absolutely not. If we allow ourselves to be “suckered” into that we are just handing them the keys to their luxury cars and homes.

Once you become “clear” on what it is that you want in your life ask the Universe to guide you. Allow yourself to be an open channel whereby spirit will “inspire” you with ideas and bring to you the people that will help you achieve your dreams. KNOW in your HEART that your desire is REAL. Set the intention and not the expectation. Expectations result in disappointment. Intention results in synchronicity and ultimately even more than you may have imagined.

Your calm and loving essence is the key to putting FEAR to rest. Yes, we live in the “best” of times. NOW is the time for change. NOW is the time for transformation. NOW is the time to move along your path in full assurance that dreams do come true.
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