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Primarily registered as a No Party Preference voter, and now as a member of the Justice Party,  my goal as an activist and campaign organizer is to lend support for legislation that benefits “we the people” and complies with the US Constitution. I do not align with either side of the corrupt corporate owned duopoly that serves the oligarchy. I vote issues not party.

Having been the principal organizer of Occupy Orange County, that occupied the land in front of the Civic Center in Irvine, CA I was proud of the educational opportunities that the collective provided to the public. I also ran for Congress in 2012 as an NPP against Republican incumbent Ed Royce and Democratic challenger Jay Chen in CD-39 to have a platform to discuss issues that neither side wished to address such as illegal wars of aggression, drone strikes killing Americans without due process, the repeal of habeas corpus by the Patriot Act, the march towards the dissolution of national sovereignty via the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the horrendous damage being done to our food supply by the BioAgri giant, Monsanto. I have organized four March Against Monsanto marches in Laguna Beach.

For the last five years, I have been actively campaigning for campaign finance reform via disclosure of the real funders of campaign advertising as well as securing our elections through the development of open source paper ballot voting. Within this time frame, I have volunteered on the National Steering Committee of the real people’s movement with an electoral arm known as the Justice Party and the State Steering Committee for the Justice Party of California. The Justice Party stands for social, economic and environmental justice and upholding the rule of law as defined by the US Constitution.

Due to my active involvement in state legislation and intense interest in foreign policy friends often ask for my opinions as well as recommendations on political issues. Below are my recommendations for 2018 statewide elected offices and the five ballot measures:

2018 Statewide Candidates

For the five statewide propositions please click through to my public Facebook page. Please read the comments for how to vote on each propostion and my thoughts why.

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