In Celebration of the Divine Feminine on Mother’s Day

Sons and daughters gather to celebrate the woman that carried them within her womb for nine months, birthed them through agony, nursed them at her breast and provided them with a life that allowed them to grow to maturation and learn the lessons that this incarnation was meant to teach them. We call this day Mother’s Day.

We know that mothers are in our thoughts on a daily basis. Almost every day I can hear my mother’s words ring in my head. I remember how I fought her almost every step of the way as she tried to instill her values into my consciousness; values that I did not appreciate at the time. It amazes me how much smarter my parents become as I become older.

To set aside a day to celebrate divine feminine is a time to make sacred or set apart from the whole to ponder the loving energy that nurtures life. The feminine represents the wholeness within and without. She is about being able to see the big picture and intuiting the intention versus the present action. It’s about mercy, forgiveness and grace.

Both males and females harbor the divine feminine. Regardless of gender, everyday affords us opportunities to flow into our divine feminine as well as our divine masculine. Celebrating the divine feminine helps us be comfortable when we must call upon the feminine attributes to help ourselves or others; to look for opportunities to nurture without fearing that we will be chastised. This is especially important now as we are shifting from a patriarchal society, laden with heavy masculine energy to one of more balance; to the appreciation of both the feminine and masculine.

We no longer look down on a man that cries because he has been touched emotionally. We understand that there are times when a woman must be in her masculine to accomplish certain goals. By honoring the divine feminine we become stronger in many ways and vulnerable in others.

On occasion I have heard people complain about their mothers. I have been guilty of this too! It took years of maturation and the courage to really look within to appreciate the gifts my mother gave me. The gifts that I so challenged her for. I have learned a truth about mothers . . . each one of us has the perfect mother for the lessons we have to learn and to prepare us for our missions in life. It is up to each of us to awaken and appreciate that our mothers are perfect for us; even the mothers that we love to hate.

So, this Mother’s Day I invite you to honor your mother from a place of gratitude. If you possess fond memories of your mother be in appreciation. If you had a childhood of constant challenges with your mother or if  she was some how removed from your life, please take time to look at the strengths you now hold dear such as independence or resilience as they most likely are a result of your the relationship with your mother. At the very least, it was she that nurtured your physical being into existence.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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