Lost On The Way to Manifestation

Unless you have been hiding under a rock since 2006, you have heard quite a bit about the Law of Attraction. Made a household phrase by the ever popular movie, The Secret, millions of people have been led to believe that the Law of Attraction is the secret to manifesting their dreams. 

What is the key to manifestation?

What exactly is the Law of Attraction? It is the premise that “like attracts like.”
In other words you will attract into your life what you think about. Put another  way, “What you think about comes about.” Have you heard that as well?

Unfortunately for many, they have gotten lost on the way to manifestation. How so? They have been “thinking” about changing their lives. Dreaming of what life might be if only we had this or that. How many of you have written your goals or made vision boards or mind movies only to have very little actually come to fruition?

Is the “Law of Attraction” broken? Why does it work for some and not for others? Quite simply, it’s because we have been given half the secret! That’s right, the Law of Attraction is much more than just “thinking” about what we want to manifest. Our mind is not the magic transmitter that emits the magic attraction waves.

Our mind is just the first part of our body to be engaged as we begin to work with the Universe to create consciously. Our mind sorts information and organizes it into categories. We can tap into this information to formulate our intention. Our intention is  just a thought to create and that is all. In order for our thought to become a manifesting intention it needs to move down our chakras (energy centers) picking
up momentum or velocity each step of the way until it reaches our solar plexus  which is our manifestation megaphone.

Think of it this way:

Crown chakra = Inspiration

Third Eye (Mind) = Formulates Thoughts Into a Vision

Throat = Translates mind pictures into words … “In the beginning was  the word.”

Heart = Infuses the inspired thoughts with love which is the only real energy in the Universe

Solar Plexus = Seat of Emotions or Energy in  Motion.

It is not enough to just think about our dreams. We must BELIEVE in our dreams. We must already SEE our dreams as our reality. TALK as if whatever you want to manifest
has already come about and then the most important step is the last…FEEL as if you are engaged in the actual manifestation.

How does it feel to drive that gorgeous car you have had your heart set on? Can you smell the leather seats? That trip to Egypt? Can you feel yourself atop the camel, riding in the desert? Are you enjoying sitting on your patio of your beautiful home enjoying the sunset over the ocean, listening the waves crash on the beach below? What are you feeling in the “after event?” It is these feelings that will lead you along the way to manifesting your dreams.

So, you have now cast your intentions to the Universe in the form of emotions…energy in motion. Now what? Do we just wait for the Law of Attraction to return it to us? Gaze on our navel and expect it to land in our laps?

No, there is another universal law called the The Law of Cause and Effect. Simply stated, we will receive back according to what we send out. It is a simple energy exchange. How much effort are we expending on behalf of turning our dreams into reality?

When we put the request out to the Universe, we must then be vigilant to recognize what is sent back to us as the possible tool or source of what we want to manifest.

Here are the precise steps we use to manifest our dreams:

1) Hold a “conscious intention” of the thing desired
2) Focus on it’s “realness” as an already existing fact
3) Think, speak and act as if you already have it
4) Take “inspired action” as the ways and means to make it a “tangible reality”  show up.
5) Detach and Allow the perfection and simplicity of the process to  provide the “desired outcome.”

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